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Scout Camping Checklist
Scout Camping Checklist
A successful scout camping trip is something that can be lots of fun and a great learning experience for your young boy scout. It can create memories that will last a lifetime, so the key is to be as prepared as possible. Please use our Scout Camping Checklist when preparing for your next boy scout camping trip. Please scroll down for our Scout Camping Checklist article:
Camping Checklist – Table of Contents
Camping Checklist – When planning for a camping trip, it is important to have a good camping checklist. Welcome to page 1 of Checklist for camping.
Camping Trip - Page two of Checklist for Camping provides information on who this article is geared towards, and the differences between novice and expert campers.

Camping Trip Checklist - Page three of Checklist for Camping will begin our camping checklist with our first three points.


Family Camping – Continues the camping checklist with items 4-13 which include some disposable items you will need when camping.


Camping Checklist Supply – Completes our camping checklist with our last 2 of 15 points of the camping checklist.


Scout Camping Checklist

Be prepared with a Scout camping checklist.

A scout camping checklist is essential if camp is to be enjoyed. Summer camp is always a fun time for boy scouts, whether your boy is new to the scout movement or has been with this excellent organization for a length of time. Each year summer camp brings new adventures, new friends, new skills and new experiences. The single most important thing that any scout wants to show is that he is prepared.

Nothing could be worse for a young scout than having forgotten to bring necessary items with him, especially when hes trying to prove his organizational skills. Its the responsibility of every good parent or guardian to see that he has everything he needs. That doesnt mean that you have to pack his bags for him, far from it. He should learn to do that himself for several reasons.

  • He needs to know what to pack so that nothing is forgotten.
  • He needs to know how to pack so nothing is damaged or soiled.
  • He needs to learn to pack so everything is logically placed and can be found quickly and easily.

The easiest way to know what to bring to camp is to create a scout camping checklist. A laminated checklist can be used to pack his bags at home and to take with him to make sure he brings it all back.

If you are unsure what needs to be on the camp checklist, its always a good idea to ask a veteran camper what to bring along. Here is a list to get you started.

Large backpack for main items
Small backpack for day trips

Scout uniform(s).
Socks if you have thick hiking socks include these or consider wearing two pairs on a long hike.
Lightweight jacket, preferably a pack away type,
Sweat shirt or sweat suit in case the evenings turn cool,
Athletic/training shoes
Hiking boots
Rain gear
Swimwear two pairs if you are doing water activities.
Towels minimum of three

Ziploc of washing powder or tablet soap for laundry
15 ft nylon rope for clothes line
Laundry bag for dirty clothes
Toilet paper
Disinfectant spray freshens tents and deters spiders
Mothballs deter little critters
Toiletries bag including: Soap, Shampoo, Face cloth,
Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant.

Prescription medicines
Non-prescription medicines (Headache pills, anti-acid, anti-itch creams, insect repellant and high SPF sunscreen)
Personal first aid kit

Night time:
Sleeping bag or blankets
Spare batteries and bulbs

Water bottle or canteen
Mess tins
Utensils knife, fork, spoon
Tin cup

Activity time:
Paper and pencils
Scout handbook
Other activity paraphernalia check with your patrol or troop leaders
Money for activity materials

Money for the trading post souvenirs, snacks etc. (keep separate from activity money)
Watch preferably analog to use as compass
Long sleeved shirt
Spare film or spare memory card & batteries
Clear plastic bag for camera for taking water photos
Prayer book or bible
Sketch book and pencils
Pocket knife choose one that has several useful tools. Sheath knives are not permitted on camps
Waxed/water resistant string for emergency bootlaces and a variety of other uses

Choose a backpack that is comfortable on the shoulders and has good lumbar support. The higher it sits up the back, the less strain there will be on the lower back. If you have a frame style backpack, so much the better because they are usually adjustable and most have sectional or removable packs. The more side pockets that you have the easier it is to find without having to dig through the main pack.

When you are creating the scout camping checklist, be systematic. Thinking about only one group of items at a time will help you think of more optional items and are less likely to forget any essential items.

This scout camping checklist may be added to depending on the camp that you are going on. Understand the terrain, weather, season and length of time that you will be at scout camp.

Thank you to Ian Patterson for this "Scout Camping Checklist" article.


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